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Hoop Size: 5x7"
Larger design for the project supplied in 3 smaller parts for the 5x7” hoops

File Formats: Art 4, Art 5, HUS, PES, EXP, VIP & VP3
(Please check individual designs for correct hoop sizes)
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A versatile set for making special gifts from ‘Just Married’ to a silver wedding anniversary. These designs are perfect to embroider on towel sets, ring bearer pillows, special birthday or anniversary pillows, bed linen or cards.

Some have open spaces for initials or monograms for that special couple. The set includes special phrases and short wedding anniversaries like ‘Ruby’ and ‘Silver’ which you may omit and add yours. It doesn't have to be for wedding anniversaries only, they are all suitable for special birthdays.

Full instructions are included



Guest towel with silk bow detail
incorporated with the embroidery

Bird and Scroll(LMO666) combined with
Ruby Anniversary (LMO675)


Bride and Groom

Design: LMO665
Stitch Count: 20 422

Colors: 8
H: 5.50" x W: 4.11"


Bird Scroll Design

Design: LMO666
Stitch Count: 6 903
Colors: 2
H: 6.22" x W: 4.22"


Royal Crowns

Design: LMO667
Stitch Count: 22 716
Colors: 5
H: 6.66" x W: 4.69"

LMO668-5x7 LMO668

Crowned Badge

Design: LMO668-5x7
Stitch Count: 12 559
Colors: 2
H: 6.69" x W: 3.21"

Crowned Badge 2

Design: LMO668
Stitch Count: 14 465
Colors: 2
H: 8.15" x W: 3.21"

LMO669 LMO670

Oval Motifs

Design: LMO669
Stitch Count: 13 258
Colors: 2
H: 6.98" x W: 3.01"

Oval with Buttonhole Detail

Design: LMO670
Stitch Count: 17 836
Colors: 4
H: 7.30" x W: 4.23"

LMO670Left LMO670Right

Left Scroll with Buttonhole Detail

Design: LMO670Left
Stitch Count: 5 751
Colors: 4
H: 3.83" x W: 2.19"

Right Scroll with Buttonhole Detail

Design: LMO670Right
Stitch Count: 5 751
Colors: 4
H: 3.83" x W: 2.19"


Paper scroll with satin scrolled detail

Design: LMO671
Stitch Count: 18 158
Colors: 4
H: 6.96" x W: 3.60"

LMO670Sml LMO672

Oval with Buttonhole detail

Design: LMO670Sml
Stitch Count: 6 256
Colors: 4
H: 4.15" x W: 2.53"

Pink Flower Dangler

Design: LMO672
Stitch Count: 13 937
Colors: 3
H: 6.49" x W: 3.75"


Festive Bow

Design: LMO673b
Stitch Count: 19 542
Colors: 5
H: 6.08" x W: 3.56"


Just Married

Design: LMO674
Stitch Count: 3 243
H: 0.64" x W: 4.08"

LMO675 LMO676

Ruby Anniversary

Design: LMO675
Stitch Count: 3 631
Colors: 2
H: 5.32" x W: 2.28"

Silver Anniversary

Design: LMO676
Stitch Count: 4 006
Colors: 2
H: 5.46" x W: 2.35"

LMO677 LMO678

Anniversary - Straight Font

Design: LMO677
Stitch Count: 3 151
Colors: 1
H: 0.69" x W: 3.69"

Anniversary - Curved Font

Design: LMO678
Stitch Count: 2 832
Colors: 1
H: 0.84" x W: 3.59"

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Please ensure that you order the correct format and hoop size for your machine. However should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me, as we can not be held liable for any incorrect format(s) or size(s) ordered.


File Formats: Art V4 & 5, Hus, Pes, Exp, Vip & Vp3
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