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Collection consists of the following:

Hoop: from small 2” designs, 5x7” hoop size to larger giant and jumbo hoops.
(Please check individual designs for correct hoop sizes)
File Formats: Art 4, Art 5, Hus, Pes, Exp, Vip & VP3

Beautiful tiny baby designs (some smaller than 2”) designed for little boys and girls, including 4 smaller elements such as tassels and cameos. Embellish and create a special baby bib project, cards or perfect for any other baby clothing. Some of these designs are available in a ‘lighter’ version. These are digitized with an open density for lighter fabrics.

Two larger baby samplers are included too, to welcome a new bundle in the family (for bigger hoops only). These motifs are for heavier fabrics for cushions, quilt blocks or to be framed. There is a basic frame for a boy or a girl with space for you to add your motif at the top.

Combine any of the smaller designs (scroll top and choose any from the 3 bonus borders) to make up your own baby sampler.

Three bonus borders which form part of some of the baby samplers are included as single designs too. The set also includes: the project instructions for a framed baby sampler sewing instructions and pattern for the bib and the special fagoting technique

Full instructions and patterns for projects are included.


File Formats: Art 4, Art 5, Hus, Pes, Exp, Vip & VP3
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Boys Image

Boys – boys full size sampler for larger hoops


New born baby bibs with embroidery. 
The bib is made on the sewing machine by creating
the ‘ribbon fabric’ with fagoting and a built-in decorative
satin scallop as the border.

Only the motif in the center is hooped and done on the embroidery machine.

Set includes pattern and sewing instructions


Close up of fagoting

Image Girl

Girls sampler – full size – larger hoops

BJ300 BJ301


Design: BJ300
Stitch Count: 2 244
H: 1.63" x W: 1.25"

Small Cameo – Appliqué

Design: BJ301
Stitch Count: 1 588
H: 1.57" x W: 1.06"

BJ302 BJ302b

Small Heart Cameo
(stitched with appliqué version)

Design: BJ302
Stitch Count: 1 998
H: 1.46" x W: 1.38"

Small Heart Cameo
(stitched without appliqué version)

Design: BJ302b
Stitch Count: 2 457
H: 1.46" x W: 1.38"

BJ303 BJ304

Small Bow with Satin Tassel

Design: BJ303
Stitch Count: 2 325
H: 1.13" x W: 1.33"

Small Cameo with Butterfly

Design: BJ304
Stitch Count: 3 268
H: 1.44" x W: 1.55"

BJ305 BJ306

Baby Pin with Heart

Design: BJ305
Stitch Count: 1 907
H: 1.61" x W: 1.31"

Baby Pin

Design: BJ306
Stitch Count: 1 838
H: 1.48" x W: 1.31"


Small Kite

Design: BJ307
Stitch Count: 1 717
H: 1.16" x W: 1.27"


Fluffy Teddy

Design: BJ308
Stitch Count: 3 811
H: 1.40" x W: 1.20"

BJ309A BJ309B

Little Red Car
(Includes Light version)

Design: BJ309A
Stitch Count: 3 338
H: 1.01" x W: 1.53"

Little Green Truck
(Includes Light version)

Design: BJ309B
Stitch Count: 3 145
H: 1.06" x W: 1.45"

BJ309c BJ310

Little Red Engine
(Includes Light version)

Design: BJ309C
Stitch Count: 4 859
H: 1.40" x W: 1.79"

Little Red Boat
(Includes Light version)

Design: BJ310
Stitch Count: 2 674
H: 1.44" x W: 1.31"

BJ311 BJ312

Little Princess

Design: BJ311
Stitch Count: 2 207
H: 1.26" x W: 1.90"

Little Prince

Design: BJ312
Stitch Count: 1 402
H: 1.04" x W: 1.67"

BJ313 BJ316

Little Bow with Flower

Design: BJ313
Stitch Count: 783
H: 0.59" x W: 0.92"

Smaller Single Motifs

Design: BJ316
Stitch Count: 446
H: 0.44" x W: 0.75"



Smaller Single Motifs

Design: BJ314
Stitch Count: 253
H: 0.37" x W: 0.38"

Smaller Single Motifs

Design: BJ315
Stitch Count: 438
H: 0.42" x W: 0.43"


Girls Dress

Design: BJ317
Stitch Count: 8 790
H: 4.35" x W: 2.27"


Sampler top border

Design: BJ318
Stitch Count: 3 752
H: 1.98" x W: 4.68"


Girl’s Sampler

Design: BJ319 5x7
Stitch Count: 14 694
H: 5.32" x W: 4.89"

Design: BJ319
Stitch Count: 18 441
H: 7.89" x W: 4.89"

Design: BJ319 Lrg
Stitch Count: 20 917
H: 9.06" x W: 6.30"

Basic Frame
(Create your own by adding any of the other motifs supplied)

Design: BJ320
Stitch Count: 9 302
H: 7.88" x W: 4.89"


Basic Boy Sampler
Cross Stitch Border

Design: BJ321
Stitch Count: 21 041
H: 7.95" x W: 5.07"
5x7 Hoops

Design: BJ321 5x7
Stitch Count: 13 135
H: 6.92" x W: 4.85"
Larger hoops only –
(with cross stitch border

Design: BJ321 Lrg
Stitch Count: 22 554
H: 9.18" x W: 6.27"

Flowery Bonus Border

Design: Bonus Border3
Stitch Count: 2 088
H: 2.56" x W: 4.89"


Bonus borders

Design: Bonus Border 1
Stitch Count: 1 448
H: 0.74" x W: 4.82"


Bonus Borders
(cross stitch detail)

Design: Bonus Border 2
Stitch Count: 908
H: 0.35" x W: 4.82"

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Please ensure that you order the correct format and hoop size for your machine. However should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me, as we can not be held liable for any incorrect format(s) or size(s) ordered.


File Formats: Art 4, Art 5, Hus, Pes, Exp, Vip & VP3
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