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Hoop sizes required: 6x9"
(Please check individual designs for correct hoop sizes)

File Formats: Art V4 & 5, Hus, Pes, Exp, Vip & Vp3

*260 x 160, oval hoops and larger finished size: width 9” x height 8 ½” (23 x 21.5cm)
Note: For ages 4 years and older
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A very exciting Christmas project for boys and girls. This embroidered book is portraying the very old song, 'O, Christmas Tree' in just another way of introducing touch and play and learning the song.

This is an advanced project but it includes all the information and step-by-step pictures in PDF file to complete it successfully. There are various ways of decorating the tree pages by hanging tiny jingling brass bells and twinkling battery operated LED lights for more fun. You may omit the LED lights if it is not readily available and use crystals or beads in its place.

Full instructions and patterns for projects are included

Finished Size: Width 9” x Height 8 ½” (23 x 21.5cm)



Embroidered Book Open (Boy)
(Instructions included)

Embroidered Book Open (Girl)
(Instructions included)
Made by Jolanda Ingram

Embroidered Cover
(Instructions included)

Embroidered Cover
(Instructions included)


Pocket for Battery Pack


Book Upright


Book Part with Crystals
(Instructions included)


Fire Place

Design: LMO624new
Stitch Count: 45 961
Colors: 16
H: 7.30" x W: 4.70"

LMO 623 LMO 625

O Christmas Tree

Design: LMO623
Stitch Count: 27 614
Colors: 11
H: 7.22" x W: 5.36"

Scrolly Page Topper

Design: LMO625
Stitch Count: 5 677
Colors: 6
H: 2.98" x W: 5.19"

LMO 626 LMO 627

Singing Girl

Design: LMO626
Stitch Count: 16 713
Colors: 13
H: 5.64" x W: 2.61"

Choir Boy

Design: LMO627
Stitch Count: 14 005
Colors: 11
H: 4.64" x W: 2.14"

LMO 628

Knitted Christmas Stocking

Design: LMO628
Stitch Count: 4 779
Colors: 5
H: 1.95" x W: 1.30"

LMO 629 LMO 630

Freestanding Star

Design: LMO629
Stitch Count: 5 222
Colors: 1
H: 2.30" x W: 2.42"

Freestanding Star - Large

Design: LMO630
Stitch Count: 6 626
Colors: 1
H: 2.79" x W: 2.63"

LMO 631 LMO 632


Design: LMO631
Stitch Count: 423
Colors: 1
H: 1.24" x W: 1.20"

Snowflake (hanging)

Design: LMO632
Stitch Count: 945
Colors: 1
H: 1.18" x W: 0.92"

LMO 633 LMO 637

Free Standing Tree Parts
book has 5 page parts to play with
Christmas tree part: when using it with LED lights

Design: LMO633 - LMO637
Stitch Count: 13 241
Colors: 8
H: 8.38" x W: 4.78"

LMO 632 LMO 639

Back cover: pocket for battery pack

Design: LMO638
Stitch Count: 2 334
Colors: 3
H: 5.52" x W: 5.13"

Holly Leaves

Design: LMO639
Stitch Count: 887
Colors: 2
H: 1.02" x W: 0.91"

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Please ensure that you order the correct format and hoop size for your machine. However should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me, as we can not be held liable for any incorrect format(s) or size(s) ordered.


File Formats: Art V4 & 5, Hus, Pes, Exp, Vip & Vp3
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