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Collection consists of the following:

For 5 x 7" hoops.

(Please check individual designs for correct hoop sizes)
File Formats: Artv5, 6 & 7, EXP, DST, HUS, JEF, VIP and VP3

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Machine Goldwork - my way

With padded, gold foil fabric appliqués, slightly raised satin stitches, detailed outlines and encrusted jewels.

A playful collection with a twist as the jewels are not glued onto the project, but embroidered into the design. Although a some of the steps of the designs are embroidered with gold thread, it can be done as ‘white work’ or in shades of blue. The designs are outlined with lovely, highly detailed, layered, hand look stitches such as blanket, chain stitch or raised satin stitches. Parts of the larger appliqués are padded with a thin layer of compressed batting.

Full instructions for this technique is included in a 44 page PDF document.

The technique to add the rhinestones to the embroidery process is time consuming but it is so rewarding in the end as it adds a complete new dimension to the embroidery.

20 Designs with mirror designs (4 extra) of the horses and the gecko are included Minimum hoop required 5x7.

Includes 2 larger motifs: corner motif (H 7.07 x W 7.09) and horse large (H6.71 x W5.20)

Project included with full step-by-step PDF instructions.





Method 1:
Insert rhinestones during the embroidery process.

Method 2:
Embroider all the stages and apply the crystals with the applicator.


Christmas Tree Full

Pillow Diagram


Gold Tree

Design: LMO-GW696tree
Stitch Count: 17 873
Colors: 7
H: 5.63" x W: 4.90"


Colorful Gecko

Design: LMO-GW713b & R
Stitch Count: 11 598
Colors: 7
H: 4.85" x W: 3.62"


Scroll Detail

Design: LMO-GW712
Stitch Count: 2 553
Colors: 1
H: 2.30" x W: 2.89"

Scroll with Inserted Rhinestone

Design: LMO-GW695
Stitch Count: 7 918
Colors: 5
H: 4.91" x W: 3.14"


Small Scroll

Design: LMO-GW697
Stitch Count: 2 159
Colors: 2
H: 1.59" x W: 2.70"



Butterfly Set

Design: LMO-GW698L
Stitch Count: 16 372
Colors: 7
H: 5.48" x W: 4.05"


Butterfly with Flower

Design: LMO-GW699s
Stitch Count: 8 748
Colors: 7
H: 5.63" x W: 4.90"


Large Flower

Design: LMO-GW700
Stitch Count: 13 348
Colors: 7
H: 6.20" x W: 3.45"

Single Flower

Design: LMO-GW701
Stitch Count: 7 358
Colors: 7
H: 4.18" x W: 3.87"


Single Flower Horizontal

Design: LMO-GW702
Stitch Count: 3 040
Colors: 4
H: 1.43" x W: 2.32"

Single Flower Vertical

Design: LMO-GW703
Stitch Count: 2 221
Colors: 4
H: 1.74" x W: 1.09"


Paisley in Gold

Design: LMO-GW704
Stitch Count: 8 352
Colors: 6
H: 4.33" x W:3.90 "

Lilac and Gold Paisley with Rhinestone

Design: LMO-GW705
Stitch Count: 8164
Colors: 5
H: 4.55" x W: 3.49"


Large Paisley Motive

Design: LMO-GW706
Stitch Count: 14 175
Colors: 5
H: 5.96" x W: 4.56"

Small Add-on Flower

Design: LMO-GW707
Stitch Count: 3 575
Colors: 2
H: 2.04" x W: 2.63"


Horse in Gold
(Mirror design included)

Design: LMO-GW708
Stitch Count: 14 496
Colors: 6
H: 5.67" x W: 4.70"

Horse in Gold with War Feathers
(Mirror design included)

Design: LMO-GW709
Stitch Count: 11 756
Colors: 7
H: 4.86" x W: 3.83"


Large Hose in Gold with War Feathers
(Mirror design included)

Design: LMO-GW709-Large
Stitch Count: 16 997
Colors: 7
H: 6.71" x W: 5.20"


Large Corner Motif
( Bonus Design Large Hoops Only)

Design: LMO-GW710
Stitch Count: 28 201
Colors: 6
H: 7.07" x W: 7.09"

Horizontal Scroll Design

Design: LMO-GW711
Stitch Count: 11 355
Colors: 6
H: 6.76" x W: 4.27"

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Please ensure that you order the correct format and hoop size for your machine. However should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me, as we can not be held liable for any incorrect format(s) or size(s) ordered.


File Formats: Artv5, 6 & 7, EXP, DST, HUS, JEF, VIP and VP3
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