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Hoop sizes required: 5x5" and larger

(Please check individual designs for correct hoop sizes)
File Formats: Art 4, 5 & 6 EXP,HUS,PES, VIP and VP3

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My inspiration for this set came from antique style of raised Italian whitework. I love the heavy, textured stitches used on all the beautiful linens and garments made by hand from a gone by era. This can never be duplicated by machine but by adapting and manipulating the idea, this set was created for machine embroidery with a modern touch.

For the same effect, layers are created for the raised effect of the design which starts with some soft silver detail stitched with silver metallic thread. This step can be replaced with white cotton thread if you need to do it all in white. Then, building layers for the base of the technique are stitched with 100% cotton. These cotton layers have multiple underlays stitched with zigzag and straight stitches. Some of these have candlewicking detail for more height which is then covered later with Lana wool thread, still revealing the candlewicking. This final layer gives the raised and textured effect in the design. Although I use metallic, cotton and Lana embroidery thread, the entire design can be stitched using only 100% cotton thread, leaving it as a complete whitework piece. It is still very effective and beautiful but it won't have the same effect as my original work.

Although this is a whitework technique, it looks beautiful done in pale blue embroidery cotton on white fabric.

PDF with full instructions, step by step pictures and how to frame the embroidery are included.


Free Design

Large Flower

Please refer to Legal Notice before downloading the free design.

Pictures shown in collections are all actual sewn-outs. All zip downloads with colour charts and instructions.



Completed project.
Pale blue embroidery cotton on white fabric


Whitework sampler


Whitework sampler


Laugh - Stitched on black denim

Stitched and framed by Joanne De Beer ~ South Africa

Small Flowers Scroll

Small Flower

Design: Flower
Stitch Count: 1 794
Colors: 3
H: 1.63" x W: 1.63"

Scroll (Freebie test)

Design: Scroll
Stitch Count: 1 544
Colors: 2
H: 2.18" x W: 2.26"

Framed scroll with grapes

Framed scroll with Grapes

Design: IWFramed
Stitch Count: 12 631
Colors: 3
H: 6.95" x W: 4.96"

Laugh Flower with Wording

Laugh ~ Flowers with Wording

Design: Laugh
Stitch Count: 11 857
Colors: 4
H: 6.62" x W: 4.95"

Paisley 1 Paisley 2

Paisley 1

Design: PaisleyA
Stitch Count: 13 081
Colors: 4
H: 6.69" x W: 4.99"

Paisley 2

Design: PaisleyB
Stitch Count: 10 399
Colors: 4
H: 6.98" x W: 4.95"

Wording Family

Wording Family

Design: S1
Stitch Count: 17 662
Colors: 2
H: 6.55" x W: 4.99"

Wording Life

Wording Life

Design: C2
Stitch Count: 18 855
Colors: 2
H: 6.57" x W: 4.99"

Small Spray

Small Spray

Design: Spray
Stitch Count: 760
Colors: 3
H: 1.27" x W: 2.07"

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Please ensure that you order the correct format and hoop size for your machine. However should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me, as we can not be held liable for any incorrect format(s) or size(s) ordered.


File Formats: Art, 4, 5 & 6 EXP,HUS,PES, VIP and VP3
Hoop sizes 5x5" and larger
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