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Hoop Size: 4x4"

File Formats: Art3, Art4, Hus, Pes, Sew, xxx
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12 Designs plus an "ice scallop".
All size's are 4x4" (10x10cm)


Free Design

Free Ponie Design

Please refer to Legal Notice before downloading the free design.

"Download and stitch the free tassel (Tassels1) before making any purchases to ensure that your machine and model can stitch fringe designs."


Diaper Cakes: A wonderful and lovingly created gift for baby or Mother-to-be. Layers are put together by rolling or stacking disposable diapers to form the cake`s tiers. Baby products and toys are hidden in the diapers-a surprise gift everywhere and everything reusable. Embroider the bands with the ponies from Martha`s Carousel Ponies. Not a crumb goes to waste on this inedible cake. Join in the fun and start "baking and decorate" your own diaper cake for the next baby shower.

Diaper cakes are ideal for: Baby shower gifts or as a centerpiece at a baby shower. There are no seems. Diaper and safety pins keep everything together. The embroidered bands can be stitched to a baby blanked or a pillow case. ... not a single crumb goes to waste on this cake!

Combined Designs

Complete Pony and Stand



Design LMO50 Design LMO51
Cameo with Pony

Design: LMO50
Stitch Count: 7 169
W: 2.23" x H: 2.65"
Cameo Base

Design: LMO51
Stitch Count: 2 405
Colors: 2
W: 2.23" x H: 2.65"
Design LMO52 Design LMO53
White Pony Head

Design: LMO52
Stitch Count: 4 208
Colors: 8
W: 1.55" x H: 1.85"
Cremello Pony Head

Design: LMO53
Stitch Count: 4 546
Colors: 9
W: 1.71" x H: 2.08"
Design LMO54
White Pony

Design: LMO54
Stitch Count: 9 855
Colors: 10
W: 3.37" x H: 2.77"
Design LMO55
Cremello Pony

Design: LMO55
Stitch Count: 10 323
Colors: 10
W: 3.27" x H: 2.87"
Design LMO56

Design: LMO56
Stitch Count: 6 196
Colors: 7
W: 2.22" x H: 3.93"
Design LMO57
Cremello Pony & Flowers

Design: LMO57
Stitch Count: 14 323
Colors: 11
W: 3.46" x H: 3.61"
Design LMO58 Design LMO59

Round Flower Patch

Design: LMO58
Stitch Count: 3 217
Colors: 4
W: 1.71" x H: 1.76"

Heart Shaped Flower Patch

Design: LMO59
Stitch Count: 2 997
Colors: 4
W: 1.69" x H: 1.57"
Design LMO60 Design LMO61
Scallop Link

Design: LMO60
Stitch Count: 2 243
Colors: 4
W: 2.67" x H: 1.10"
Scallop Edge

Design: LMO61
Stitch Count: 1 367
Colors: 1
W: 2.20" x H: 0.99"
Design LMO62
Design LMO62*
*Design rotated for viewing purposes

W: 0.67" x H: 5.05"
Stich Count: 1 625
Colors: 1
W: 0.66" x H: 1.10"

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Please ensure that you order the correct format and hoop size for your machine. However should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me, as we can not be held liable for any incorrect format(s) or size(s) ordered.


File Formats: Art3, Art4, Hus, Pes, Sew, xxx.
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