File Formats: Art 4, Pes, Hus, and DST

Price: $90 - Teachers: contact me for special class prices.



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Pretty Princess - R700 - + Postage and CD in SA only R50

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Free Design


Please refer to Legal Notice before downloading the free design.

Pictures shown in collections are all actual sewn-outs. All zip downloads with colour charts and instructions for the cutting of Tassels will be included in this collection.

Pretty Princess is ready!

Thank you for being so patient while we were creating the project. Firstly I have to thank my Pretty Princess team for the past 7 months for their continuous testing and all their advice. Thank you Mari van Schalkwyk, Annatjie Norris and Martha Weingard for all your hard work, re-testing and proofreading the instructions. Then, last but not least, Lisa Brümmer for keeping the website updated, all the printable patterns and to load the files.

It really took a lot of time and effort to re-do the entire project. This time around everything is included, from the smallest motif for each page as well as all the wording. We have included test motifs for tassels and lettering for all the story pages with lovely spacers and flowery borders, all in different sizes.

To start PES, HUS, ARTv4 and DST will be available. Costs: $149. South African customers: please contact me at meyerfam@netactive.co.za as this can be ordered directly from me in ZA Rands - R850 + CD + postage. Only on CD as this project cannot be emailed.

As this is a huge project your purchase for your format will be made in 3-4 downloads. You will receive the following .Zip files:

Part 1
PDF: this is a book with full instructions, step-by-step with pictures. 147 pages split in book parts 1(pages 1-83) and book 2 (pages 84-147) – .Zip 4MB

Part 2

Patterns: all printable patterns from the front cover, pages 1-21, back cover, spine and bindings
Sizes: A3, A4 and letter size – .Zip 3MB

Part 3

Designs for everything in the book, 4 formats to start, ART 4 is split in two parts. These will include all the sizes: 5x7”, 245 x 145 Oval, 200x300, Jumbo and Giant hoops. I supply all of the sizes in these as some people will use more than one machine and need more sizes. No need to purchase another size.

The following 4 formats will be downloaded into 3 parts only.

Art Format 4

Part 3

Designs for everything in the book

Art format Zip A – 6MB &

Part 4
Art format Zip B – 7MB

A few things you need to know about the project;

  • Yes, we supply you with everything and the 148 page PDF, but remember, your Pretty Princess book will be different as you will not use the same fabrics and notions as we did and that is grand. Be creative and make it your own! You will have all the techniques, designs in different sizes and colors but please experiment and use what you have. We’ll update the website with more books once they are completed for you to see;
  • It will take a few months to make which will need a lot of preparation with bits and pieces all over your sewing room but it is so rewarding once completed. See this project as a quilt in the making; and
  • You will use a lot of a fabric, stabilizer and notions. No need to buy all at once, I’m sure you do have a variety of some of the fabrics and notions in your stash ready to use. Collect as you proceed.
  • You can print the patterns on your home printer, using A4 or letter size supplied.
  • You may contact me for any advice. We’ll have questions and answers on the website a bit later as you proceed.

  • Cover
  • Dedication
  • Page 1 and 2
  • Page 3 and 4
  • Page 5 and 6
  • Page 7 and 8
  • Page 9 and 10
  • Page 11 and 12
  • Page 13 and 14
  • Page 15 and 16
  • Page 17 and 18
  • Page 19 and 20
  • Page 21



2014 Update: 21/05/2014

Finally all the embroidery is complete and the Pretty Princess is assembled. We’re still busy with the tutorial and already have 142 pages and we are still adding pictures.

So, this version will have it all; designs from the smallest, single elements to designs for the largest hoops, text, patterns, diagrams, printing advice and much more. Pretty Princess will be available by the end of July!

2014 Update: 17/04/2014

Hi again, We are very busy in ‘the land of Pretty Princess’

Finally, all the text and applique pages have been done. Now it is at the testers and I’m working on the tutorial. We already have 100 pages with lots of the step by step pictures but more to add.

Back soon with more information on completion of the Pretty Princess Volume 2.

This great concept started when I introduced the denim fairytale to ‘Designs in Machine Embroidery’ magazine in 2005 which was published  over 1 year in 6 volumes, issues 31-36. This was a huge success and after publication DZGNS changed the very popular project into one of their special project kits which could only be ordered directly from them.  This very sought after project belonged to the magazine for the next 5 years.

Now it is back in my hands and since those earlier years where most of us could only embroider using 4x4” hoops we were limited with hooping some sections of the project. Now in 2012/13 with all the bigger hoops available we will once again create a very special, one of a kind project.

When we started this project many years ago, the instructions were fully published in the magazine, limited to a certain word count per article. We had lots of pictures and the full A3 patterns were included as pull out patterns. The designs could be downloaded from DIME’S website. This was available for a year after publication. The designs included  were mostly, highly detailed appliqués with layers of fabric for the dresses, suits for the prince, curtains, pumpkins  and other pretty loose elements as a ‘touch and play book’ for little girls 5 years and older. Only the flowery word spacer designs were supplied for the story page on the right side. No embroidery wording motifs were ever included in the set or on the CD as this was explained that the embroiderer must create this page using their software or machine to stitch their own story on this page. Only a short, edited written storyline with keywords was supplied to assist in creating the story page.

Unfortunately I wasn’t involved with the Pretty Princess Kit which was sold for a few years as this was DZGNS’s property and they did a wonderful job of it. They were all sold out and still people want to do this project.

Since 2010, I had many request for an update, revised and even a follow up project of Pretty Princess.  Over the first year of publication we had some problems such as missing parts but these were uploaded later and available for quite some time.

Some ladies had difficulty in creating and completing the story pages on their own, others lost some of the patterns or designs and then there were the stars who created the most beautiful Pretty Princess books, some 1, 2, 3 and a very special lady whom made 13 Pretty Princess masterpieces and all as gifts! Over the years I supplied  lost designs, instructions,  helped with queries and made wonderful ’Pretty Princess  friends’.

My aim: For the revised Pretty Princess we’ll start a special Pretty Princess Page on my website first. This will keep you informed with the progress and the releasing date of the project later during 2013. This time around all the wording/storyline will be digitized for you and a few design changes will be made.  I’ll see that all the bits and pieces are included.  The new set will be sold on a CDrom or downloading it in parts. With all the changes it will still be a huge project and task.  We’ll have a mailing list with space for suggestions while I’m busy with the project. I’m thinking of having the storyline designs (wording) sold separately for those who still need to finish the project (those who bought the magazine or kit) and need help with this.  For those who just cannot wait any longer and haven’t had the time to start it the first time around can just jump in and enjoy the new version.

So, until then, finish all those other UFO’s  as the New, Revised Pretty Princess is going to keep you busy for some time!


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Please ensure that you order the correct format and hoop size for your machine. However should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me, as we can not be held liable for any incorrect format(s) or size(s) ordered.

File Formats: Art 4, Pes, Hus, and DST

Price: $90 - Teachers: contact me for special class prices.


SA CD orders only:
Pretty Princess - R700 - + Postage and CD in SA only R50

Click on SA Flag (Home page)  for ZAR prices

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