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Hoop sizes required: : 6x10 inch hoop (Includes motifs for 255 x 145 oval hoop)

File Formats: Art v5, EXP, Hus, Pes, Jef and VP3*

*Other formats on request
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A lovely wintery Christmas wreath created with two traditional hand embroidery hoops in two sizes.

This is a great gift idea.  A larger 12 inch size to frame the designs and a smaller 5 inch hoop  as a center backdrop with a Christmas sentiment stitched on organza.

PDF with full picture step-by-step instructions is supplied.

Finished size 12 x 12" (30.2 x 30.2cm)


Feet Up

Pillow emroidered with Llama LMO-2055*

* Please note this project is not included in the set.


Wreath Sides

Design: LMO-2067 to LMO-2068
Stitch Count: 20 206 to 20 234
Colors: 12
W: 5.63" x H: 7.78"

LMO2063 LMO2064

FSL 3D Poinsettia Flowers

Design: LMO-2063
Stitch Count: 17 221
Colors: 1
W: 4.00" x H: 6.57"

FSL 3D Poinsettia Flowers

Design: LMO-2064
Stitch Count: 22 732
Colors: 1
W: 4.67" x H: 6.46"

LMO2065 LMO2066

FSL 3D Bow

Design: LMO-2065
Stitch Count: 29 608
Colors: 1
W: 4.81" x H: 6.44"

Small FSL Flowers

Design: LMO-2066
Stitch Count: 4 817
Colors: 1
W: 2.11" x H: 2.04"

LMO2069 LMO2070

Silent Night Sentiment

Design: LMO-2069
Stitch Count: 6 187
Colors: 3
W: 3.14" x H: 3.33"

Noël Sentiment

Design: LMO-2070
Stitch Count: 5 069
Colors: 3
W: 3.30" x H: 3.67"


Stille Nag Sentiment

Design: LMO-2071
Stitch Count: 4 928
Colors: 3
W: 2.93" x H: 3.31"

LMO2072 LMO2073

Feliz Navidad Sentiment

Design: LMO-2072
Stitch Count: 4 270
Colors: 2
W: 3.06" x H: 3.04"

Frohe Weihnachten Sentiment

Design: LMO-2073
Stitch Count: 4 776
Colors: 2
W: 3.52" x H: 3.54"

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Please ensure that you order the correct format and hoop size for your machine. However should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me, as we can not be held liable for any incorrect format(s) or size(s) ordered.

File Formats: Art v5, EXP, Hus, Pes, Jef and VP3*

*Other formats on request
Hoop sizes 6x10"
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