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Size: 5x7 & Larger

19 Designs

These motifs fit in a  5x7” frame and include a bigger set of slits for slightly larger hoops

This set was designed to embellish a garment with slits. A smaller version,  scroll and rose elements are included to compliment the slits. Embroider these on the fronts, back or as you prefer.  All of the roses can be combined to embellish bed or table linen. Smaller lace corners are included for these purposes too.

Full instructions and pictures are included with the set.

Please refer to each embroidery design (especially the slits) for the stitch count.

The slit designs embroider more than an hour and do require 2 layers of water soluble stabilizer.

Formats: Art V 3, 4 & 5, Bernina Stick (EXP)  Hus & Pes


File Formats: Art V 3, 4, & 5, Bernina Stick (EXP)  Hus and Pes.
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Free Design

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Using LMOS&S2-344 and LMOS&S2-342,
this interesting combination can be created....


Using LMOS&S2-329,
different color combinations may be created....

Framed Picture
Candle & Table Cloth

More stunning projects by Jo Lynch, thanks Jo....

Project: Jo Lynch - Australia
If you have any questions please contact Jo at:


Slit Design - with FSL insert and Rose
5x7 Hoops

Design: LMOS&S2-329
Stitch Count: 41 913
W: 4.67" x H: 6.97"


Slit Design - with FSL insert only
5x7 Hoops

Design: LMOS&S2-330
Stitch Count: 18 777
W: 4.70" x H: 6.96"

LMOS&S2-331 LMOS&S2-332

Slit Design - with FSL insert and Rose
Larger Hoops

Design: LMOS&S2-331
Stitch Count: 43 725
W: 4.60" x H: 7.69"

Slit Design - with FSL insert only
Larger Hoops

Design: LMOS&S2-332
Stitch Count: 20 462
W: 4.70" x H: 7.69"

LMOS&S2-333 LMOS&S2-334

FSL Corner with Rose

Design: LMOS&S2-333
Stitch Count: 25 996
W: 4.86" x H: 4.85"

FSL Corner

Design: LMOS&S2-334
Stitch Count: 12 751
W: 4.86" x H: 4.85"

LMOS&S2-335 LMOS&S2-337

FSL Sleeve Insert

Design: LMOS&S2-335
Stitch Count: 10 431
W: 3.67" x H: 4.24"

Large Scroll
Not Freestanding Lace

Design: LMOS&S2-337
Stitch Count: 5 194
W: 4.33" x H: 3.08"

LMOS&S2-338 LMOS&S2-339

Ornate Scroll
Not Freestanding Lace

Design: LMOS&S2-338
Stitch Count: 5 647
W: 3.24" x H: 3.36"

Small Single Scroll
Not Freestanding Lace

Design: LMOS&S2-339
Stitch Count: 2 201
W: 1.79" x H: 3.55"


Double Scroll
Not Freestanding Lace

Design: LMOS&S2-340
Stitch Count: 4 563
W: 1.80" x H: 6.58"


Ornate Rose and Scroll Design
Not Freestanding Lace

Design: LMOS&S2-341
Stitch Count: 26 376
W: 5.58" x H: 5.92"

LMOS&S2-342 LMOS&S2-344

Rose with Large Scrolls
Not Freestanding Lace

Design: LMOS&S2-342
Stitch Count: 30 469
W: 4.42" x H: 6.90"

Rose Outline Design
Not Freestanding Lace

Design: LMOS&S2-344
Stitch Count: 10 487
W: 4.42" x H: 6.88"


Rose with Buds
Not Freestanding Lace

Design: LMOS&S2-343
Stitch Count: 24 363
W: 4.18" x H: 5.65"

LMOS&S2-346 LMOS&S2-331

Rose on Show
Not Freestanding Lace

Design: LMOS&S2-345
Stitch Count: 21 166
W: 4.92" x H: 3.95"

Rose Bud
Not Freestanding Lace

Design: LMOS&S2-347
Stitch Count: 5 264
W: 2.45" x H: 2.73"


Rose Only
Not Freestanding Lace

Design: LMOS&S2-346
Stitch Count: 19 625
W: 4.42" x H: 2.96"

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Please ensure that you order the correct format and hoop size for your machine. However should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me, as we can not be held liable for any incorrect format(s) or size(s) ordered.


File Formats: Art V 3, 4, & 5, Bernina Stick (EXP)  Hus and Pes
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