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22 Designs.
File Formats: Art 3, Art 4, Art5, Exp, Hus, Pes and VIP

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This is a shory video to help you to assemble the tassels from the “Tassels Galore Volume 2” Collection: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TOx4nDAGJY&feature=youtu.be

Design your own pretty tassels.  Create your own style and decorate it with any of the FSL flowers or the pretty embroidered Victorian rose.  This collection includes 2 styles for the tassels caps, matching smaller elements to embellish and full instructions. Hang these on doorknobs, attach to tie backs or sew  onto  pillows. Once you have made one the possibilities are endless. They make wonderful gifts.

Zip file includes:  5"x6” and larger hoop motifs as well as full instructions in PDF to complete the tassels and the organza rose.
Pink, rose and pomander  and  tassel cap
5x6” – H4.95 x W 5.18
Lager hoops: H5.39xW5.65

Multi-color tassel cap
5x6”: H5.07xW4.94
Larger hoops: H5.78xW5.63



Free Design

Free Design

Please refer to Legal Notice before downloading the free design.


Rose design
Rose motifs are included to make a beautiful Tassel rose
Rose design
Rose tassel as a doorknob

Rose design Rose design
Multi-colored tassel cap Create a Pomander tassel by attaching any of the FSL flowers included in the set
Rose design
Plain tassel made with LMO348
Rose design
Runner created with LMO349 and LMO349Link
LMO349Link LMO349

FSL - Link

Design: LMO349link
Stitch Count: 7 780
W: 1.68" x H: 3.28"

FSL end

Design: LMO349
Stitch Count: 7 606
W: 1.68" x H: 3.28"

LMO350 LMO351

Single Flower - Not FSL

Design: LMO350
Stitch Count: 2 433
W: 0.99" x H: 1.99"

Single FSL 3D Flower

Design: LMO351
Stitch Count: 1 167
W: 0.86" x H: 0.97"

LMO351sml LMO353

Single FSL 3D Flower

Design: LMO351sml
Stitch Count: 1 078
W: 0.78" x H: 0.88"

Motif - with FSL

Design: LMO353
Stitch Count: 5 140
W: 1.30" x H: 2.67"

LMO355 LMO356

Small Flower- Not FSL

Design: LMO355
Stitch Count: 679
W: 0.62" x H: 0.67"

FSL Flower

Design: LMO356
Stitch Count: 6 034
W: 1.57" x H: 1.57"

LMO356Small LMO357

FSL Flower - Small

Design: LMO356sml
Stitch Count: 5 642
W: 1.47" x H: 1.47"

FSL - One Color Flower

Design: LMO357
Stitch Count: 2 803
W: 1.58" x H: 1.58"

LMO357 LMO366

FSL - One Color Flower

Design: LMO358
Stitch Count: 1 506
W: 1.09" x H: 1.22"

Large Petals - Not FSL

Design: LMO366
Stitch Count: 1 455
W: 1.63" x H: 2.56"

Tassel and Rose Design Sizes:
Name Size Stitches
LMO348 W: 5.65" x H: 5.39" 29 933
LMO348x6 (5x6") W: 4.95" x H: 5.18" 28 013
LMO352 W: 5.63" x H: 5.78" 27 637
LMO352x6 (5x6") W: 4.96" x H: 5.09" 24 771
LMO359 W: 2.87" x H: 2.97" 2 821
LMO360 W: 3.07" x H: 3.13" 1 559
LMO361 W: 3.70" x H: 3.69" 7 455
LMO362 W: 4.06" x H: 4.01" 3 069
LMO363 W: 4.05" x H: 4.04" 4 671
LMO364 W: 3.55" x H: 6.01" 7 026
LMO3645x6 (5x6") W: 4.44" x H: 5.04" 7 032
LMO365 W: 3.55" x H: 3.22" 2 855

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Please ensure that you order the correct format and hoop size for your machine. However should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me, as we can not be held liable for any incorrect format(s) or size(s) ordered.


File Formats: Art 3, Art 4, Art5, Exp, Hus, Pes and VIP
Order Tassels 1
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