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Collection consists of the following:

For  5x7” hoops. (Please check individual designs for correct hoop sizes)
File Formats: Art 4, Art 5, Hus, Pes, Exp, Vip & VP3

Create beautiful panels and quilt centers or just embellish your next project with these highly detailed motifs. The main feature in this set is the decorative, chunky chain stitch. These were manually digitized. Some parts are repeated up to 8 times to add texture to the highly detailed damask motifs. Some other smaller parts have an open fill to add to the decorative appeal of the set. These motifs will be more successful on medium to heavier fabrics for runners, table linen, pillows and quilts.

The collection includes 5x7” motifs and some in a small set to arrange as a larger motif. The large motif on the cushion is also included in the set for the larger hoops as one motif, such as the jumbo and giant hoops. A split for smaller hoops are included in .pes, Hus and VIP. All the smaller motifs are included to arrange the same large motif or a new design. All smaller add-ons such as the tops and bottom inserts and center flowers are included too.

Set includes full instructions and step-by-step project instructions


File Formats: Art 4, Art 5, Hus, Pes, Exp, Vip & VP3
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Circle - ideal for table mats or quilt centers.
It is available in 3 sizes depending on your hoop size.


Half circle (5x7”) also available in Quarter circle (4x4”)


Silky ‘quilt in the hoop’ runner


Cushion topper with large damask panel motif
Large black damask motif (LMO507). This is just the motif for a pillow panel, handbag, seat cover or center quilt block

LMO492-Right LMO492-Right

Appliqué embroidery with
open fill & bulky chain detail

Close-up detail Silky ‘quilt in the hoop’ runner


Close-up Large black damask motif (LMO507)


Large Scroll One color motif, normal embroidery with open fill,
satin and bulky chain detail on table linen, towels,
cushions or blouse fronts


Large Motif
(Larger Hoops)

Design: LMO507
Stitch Count: 41 872
H: 12.03" x W: 8.53"

LMO508 LMO508b

Center Flower

Design: LMO508

Stitch Count: 8 882
H: 4.54" x W: 3.05"

Center Flower

Design: LMO508b
~ Appliqué version
Stitch Count: 6 090
H: 4.55" x W: 3.13"

LMO509 LMO509b

Top Scroll
(mirror included)

Design: LMO509

Stitch Count: 8 524
H: 4.89" x W: 3.50"

Top Scroll
(mirror included)

Design: LMO509b
~ Appliqué version
Stitch Count: 7 823
H: 5.02" x W: 3.59"

LMO510 LMO510b

Damask Scrolls
(mirror included)

Design: LMO510

Stitch Count: 8 006
H: 4.56" x W: 3.82"

Damask Scrolls
(mirror included)

Design: LMO510b
~ Appliqué version
Stitch Count: 6 905
H: 4.63" x W: 3.87"

LMO511 LMO511b

Stitched Flower

Design: LMO511

Stitch Count: 7 830
H: 2.75" x W: 3.05"

Stitched Flower

Design: LMO511b
~ Appliqué version
Stitch Count: 5 048
H: 2.75" x W: 3.13"

LMO512 LMO513

Normal Stitched Bottom Filler
(to arrange for the large damask motif)

Design: LMO512
Stitch Count: 1 487
H: 3.75" x W: 1.47"

Larger Straight Edge Trim
(for camisole necklines, hems or runners)

Design: LM0513
Stitch Count: 2 224
H: 2.83" x W: 0.90"

LMO514 LMO515

Satin Flower
(arrange for the large damask motif)

Design: LM0514
Stitch Count: 318
H: 0.63" x W: 0.63"

Satin Motif
(arrange as a filler creating your own motif)

Design: LM0515
Stitch Count: 1 122
H: 1.61" x W: 1.47"


Large Full Circle
(larger hoops ~ giant and jumbo hoops)

Design: LM0516
Stitch Count: 33 067
H: 7.62" x W: 7.68"


Half Circle
(5x7 hoop, mirror for a full circle)

Design: LM0517
Stitch Count: 14 951
H: 6.93" x W: 3.49"


Quarter Circle
(4 x 4 “ hoop. Mirror 4 motifs for a full circle)

Design: LM0518
Stitch Count: 7 615
H: 3.49" x W: 3.48"


Damask Fruit
(One color motif, normal embroidery with open fill, satin and bulky chain detail)

Design: LM0519
Stitch Count: 8 194
H: 6.39" x W: 3.61"


Damask Pomegranate
(one color appliqué motif)

Design: LM0520
Stitch Count: 8 351
H: 4.78" x W: 3.89"

LMO521 LMO522

Leaf with Rose
(Satin rose outline and bulky chain detail)

Design: LM0521
Stitch Count: 5 147
H: 5.08" x W: 3.71"

Large Scroll
(with bulky chain detail)

Design: LM0522
Stitch Count: 5 764
H: 6.23" x W: 3.78"

Appliqué Oval (in two sizes)
(with bulky chain detail)

Design: LM0523
Stitch Count: 7 876
H: 4.99" x W: 5.58"

Design: LM0524
Stitch Count: 8 620
H: 6.16" x W: 5.31"

LMO525 LMO526

Quilt Block
(with chunky chain detail)

Design: LM0525
Stitch Count: 9 926
H: 5.71" x W: 4.70"

Sashing or Insert
(in 3 sizes)

Design: LM0526
Stitch Count: 2 741
H: 4.71" x W: 1.88"


Sashing or Insert
(in 3 sizes)

Design: LM0526border
Stitch Count: 8 002
H: 14.57" x W: 1.88"


Single Open Fill Flower

Design: LM0527
Stitch Count: 1 612
H: 1.90" x W: 1.89"

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Please ensure that you order the correct format and hoop size for your machine. However should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me, as we can not be held liable for any incorrect format(s) or size(s) ordered.


File Formats: Art 4, Art 5, Hus, Pes, Exp, Vip & VP3
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