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Collection consists of the following:

16 Designs.
For  5x7” hoops.
File Formats: Art 3, Art 4, Art 5, Exp, Pes, Hus, Vip, VP3

A lovely set with highly detailed FSL motifs as a table setting for Mother's Day or a very special birthday. This collection includes a very unusual FS gift box, napkin ring, clasp, butterflies, name tag or card, 3 beautiful non-FS motifs and one appliqué to embroider on other projects such as table or bed linen. This is a very versatile set. Embellish any of these with small bows, beads or crystals as you desire.


File Formats: Art 3, Art 4, Art 5, Exp, Pes, Hus, Vip, VP3
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Butterfly House Gift Box

The Butterfly House Gift Box with all the FSL ornaments.

Side View of the Gift Box

Side view of the Gift Box Butterfly house.

Placement Card

A pretty placement or thank you card. Embroider the FS motif for this card in the color of your choice. The FS section can be re-used as the printed card can be replaced.

Table Setting

Table setting in blue.


Gorgeous Butterfly runner made by Martha Weingard.

Clasp Image

The shape of the clasp will be more prominent,
showing the lovely FS lace.

Setting in Pink

Table setting in pink using the clasp as
a border and a napkin ring.


Front & Right Side Panel

Design: LMO386
Stitch Count: 19 470
W: 4.53" x H: 4.25"


Back & Left Side Panel

Design: LM387
Stitch Count: 18 686
W: 4.53" x H: 4.25"

LMO388 LMO389


Design: LM388
Stitch Count: 8 282
W: 1.96" x H: 3.82"

FSL Butterfly

Design: LM389
Stitch Count: 6 523
W: 2.16" x H: 1.87"

LMO390 LMO391

FSL Butterfly – Small

Design: LM390
Stitch Count: 3 526
W: 1.45" x H: 1.38"

FSL Flower

Design: LMO391
Stitch Count: 3 822
W: 1.60" x H: 1.54"

LMO392 LMO393

3-D Flower Base

Design: LMO392
Stitch Count: 2 620
W: 1.51" x H: 1.45"

3-D Flower Top

Design: LMO393
Stitch Count: 2 266
W: 1.32" x H: 1.27"


FSL Napkin Ring

Design: LMO394
Stitch Count: 24 526
W: 4.35" x H: 3.89"

LMO395 LMO396

FSL Clasp

Design: LMO395
Stitch Count: 7 514
W: 2.08" x H: 2.75"

FSL Name Card

Design: LMO396
Stitch Count: 6 630
W: 2.94" x H: 1.95"


Butterfly Motif

Design: LMO397
Stitch Count: 13 790
W: 5.05" x H: 6.03"


Large Motif with Appliqué Center

Design: LMO398
Stitch Count: 10 036
W: 4.79" x H: 6.02"


Linking Motif

Design: LMO399
Stitch Count: 5 069
W: 2.21" x H: 6.02"

LMO400 LMO401

Single Flower

Design: LMO400
Stitch Count: 715
W: 1.05" x H: 0.53"

Napkin Motif

Design: LMO401
Stitch Count: 2 653
W: 1.60" x H: 1.70"

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Please ensure that you order the correct format and hoop size for your machine. However should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me, as we can not be held liable for any incorrect format(s) or size(s) ordered.


File Formats: Art 3, Art 4, Art 5, Exp, Pes, Hus, Vip, VP3
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