Collection: 5x8" Price $35

16 Designs (Including Free Noel Font)

A freestanding lace (FSL) collection consisting of three projects with the main set featuring a 3D, FSL Christmas Tree, a beautiful mantel scarf with FSL inserts and a matching garland.  These are all embellished with beads, ribbons and crystals.
All of the above can be combined with Martha's Christmas 2.
Full  instructions for embroidery, hooping and assembly are included

Please refer to each design for stitch count and size. Please use two layers of water soluble stabilizer.

Formats: Art V 3,4 & 5,  Hus. Pes, & Vip 3

File Formats: Art V 3,4 & 5,  Hus. Pes, & Vip 3
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Free Design
Free Design

Please refer to Legal Notice before downloading the free design.



3D Christmas Tree

3D Christmas Tree - FSL

Project Included

3D Christmas Tree
3D Christmas Tree - FSL with Martha's Christmas 2 Wreath
Scarf embroidered by Martha

Martha's Garland combined with the lace and wreath from Martha's Christmas 2


Large Insert 2

Design: LMOMCL3-284
W: 5.69" x H: 8.00"
Stitches: 35 614


Candle Wrap

Design: LMOMCL3-283
W: 5.70" x H: 8.00"
Stitches: 34 391


Large Side Insert

Design: LMOMCL3-285
W:3.75" x H: 8.00"
Stitches: 29 201


Large Linking Scallop

Design: LMOMCL3-286
W: 2.47" x H: 8.00"
Stitches: 9 802


3D Tree Top

Design: LMOMCL3-290
W: 4.91" x H: 4.93"
Stitches: 19 493


3D Tree Middle Layer

Design: LMOMCL3-291
W: 4.92" x H: 5.42"
Stitches: 21 392

3D Tree Bottom Layer

Design: LMOMCL3-292
W: 5.47" x H: 5.42"
Stitches: 22 443


Garland Start / End

Design: LMOMCL3-288
W: 3.92" x H: 4.87"

Garland Lettering

Design: LMOMCL3-289
W: 3.93" x H: 4.08"


Poinsettia ( Two Sizes)

Design: LMOMCL3-294
W: 3.01" x H: 3.05"
Design: LMOMCL3-294LRG
W: 3.55" x H: 3.60"

Poinsettia Top

Design: LMOMCL3-295
W: 3.03" x H: 3.07"



293 - Holly Leaf

Design: LMOMCL3-293
W: 1.21" x H: 2.63"

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Please ensure that you order the correct format and hoop size for your machine. However should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me, as we can not be held liable for any incorrect format(s) or size(s) ordered.


File Formats: Art V 3,4 & 5,  Hus. Pes, & Vip 3

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