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Designs are of high quality and are tested on Bernina® 200E, 180, Deco 650 & 330, Brother® 8500, Brother® Disney 4000, Elna® 9008 and Elna® Exquisit 11. All sales are final. Packages are non-refundable and no exchanges will be given. Only defective files can be replaced by an identical design.


Legal Notice

When you download an embroidery design (bought or free) from Louisa Meyer Originals, you are the sole “authorized user” of the design and are legally bound by the copyright laws. You are only buying a license to use the digitized designs to stitch out on items, gifts, for personal use and limited items to sell. The designs remain the sole property of Louisa Meyer, the original artist who holds the copyright on digitized files and permissions for the artwork. You are prohibited from sharing, transferring or selling the designs by any means. You are also prohibited from altering or changing the files. This policy is strictly enforced and breach of this agreement could result in legal action.


Louisa Meyer of Louisa Meyer Originals© cannot be held responsible or liable for any personal injuries or damage to any machine or part thereof during sewing or embroidery of any of the sets, designs or part of on the website. My collections are mostly projects based which include unique techniques and require special needles, attachments, feet, specialized fabrics, yarns and threads, tapes, pins, stabilizers, temporary spray adhesives, zippers, rhinestones as well as in-the –hoop projects, soft toys (layers of heavy and or stretch fabric with stuffed parts) in different hoop sizes which require special attention.Please read all the warnings for this and HEED all the safety tips and messages.

Never enlarge, reduce, change the sewing order, or use a part of design to create your own as this cause problems and the quality of the design. Remove pins, tapes, slow down the machine and always keep your hands out of the embroidery area.

These designs are sold for domestic embroidery machines and NOT for industrial embroidery machines. Industrial embroiderers must FIRST obtain permission from Louisa Meyer of Louisa Meyer Originals© BEFORE making purchase for mass production. (This may be subject to royalties for retail)

You are welcome to sell your projects at flea markets but do not mass produce any. This is designed for a domestic embroidery machine and will overheat. Always oil and clean your machine, especially fluff and thread bits from the bobbin area, thread cutter and auto threader after using any of special techniques and products mentioned above. Refer to your own machine’s manual to use attachments properly and have it serviced as required. Test the sample design if supplied. Enjoy making these projects

Download the Legal Notice & Disclaimer here

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